When tips on frugal living focus on things like only stopping at the coffee shop once a week, they don’t do much for those of us who don’t frequent coffee shops.

Likewise, tips to only go to movie theaters once a month don’t help people who usually go twice a year.

If you’re already avoiding frivolous spending but would still like to save more, here are some ways to do it:

Make friends with your car.

Drive your car long enough that you develop a close relationship with it. Have the oil changed regularly and so on, so it lasts a long time. Make it easy to find in a parking lot because none of the other cars even faintly resemble it.

Wear classic clothes.

Simple clothes that never go out of style can look different with different accessories. Stylish clothes should be kept to a minimum because they take so much time and money to acquire and so much room in the closet. Some of them will come back in style eventually, but don’t bet on those polyester pantsuits.

Make every restaurant meal into two.

Share it with someone at your table or take half of it home for later. This is good for both your wallet and your waist. It’ll help you get more use out of the above-mentioned clothes.

Use a credit card that pays you back.

Find a credit card that offers frequent flyer miles or some other means of rewarding you for using it. Of course, pay your balance in full every month. Bargains are only bargains if you don’t have to pay interest on them.

Shop at thrift shops.

Even if you are not interested in the clothes, you can find things like tables and chairs and bikes that will save you a bundle. Garage sales are also good. For that matter, have a garage sale. Your trash might be someone else’s treasure. Price it reasonably and be willing to negotiate.

Experiment with food that’s on sale.

When something you’ve never tried is on sale at the grocery store, take the opportunity to try something new. You can add one more ingredient to a dish you always make and discover that you’ve just made it better.

Watch the repairperson.

When you need to have something around the house repaired by a professional, watch how it’s done without making a pest of yourself. Some of them don’t even mind if you ask questions. You might be able to do it yourself next time.

After you’ve saved so much money that you’re quite proud to be called frugal, you deserve to splurge on something. Maybe coffee or a movie.

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