Frugal Schmugal: Learn How To Save More Than Just Frugally Living

When tips on frugal living focus on things like only stopping at the coffee shop once a week, they don’t do much for those of us who don’t frequent coffee shops. Likewise, tips to only go to movie theaters once a month don’t help people who usually go twice a year. If you’re already avoiding frivolous spending but would still like to save more, here are some ways to do it: Make friends with your car. Drive your car long enough that you develop a close relationship with it. Have the oil changed regularly and so on, so it lasts… Read more

50 Uses for Vinegar

When you are trying to save money, a good place to start is by minimizing the household products you buy. Some products are thriftier due to their price. Some products are more frugal because they have multiple uses. White vinegar can help you stretch your dollar because it is both inexpensive and has myriad uses around the home. Following are 50 money-saving uses for vinegar. 1. See more clearly. Vinegar makes a great, streak-free glass cleaner. Wipe with old newspaper for a sparkling, buck-stretching finish. 2. Make a science experiment in your kitchen. Clean a slow draining sink by… Read more