Using the Power of the Internet for Your Next Car Loan

For people who are looking to get a car in an affordable way, this might seem like one of the worst times in economic history. Interest rates are high, and more and more applications are being denied as more and more people are learning that they have bad credit and some will not be able to even qualify for a bad credit car loan. If you know that you fall into this group, or if you are afraid that you might end up there soon, you have to learn to make the system work for you. This might sound like… Read more

What is Credit Lending Risk?

Financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and personal loan lenders will always assess the amount of risk that an individual possesses before they will extend them credit. Risk is the likelihood that a business or consumer will default on a loan. Sometimes risk analysis is done on the merits, knowledge and experience of a loan officer. He compiles all of the pertinent information about a borrower such as his income, credit history, income, and his stability. A lending officer will gather all of the information and then if he has further questions he will in most cases contact the… Read more

How to Teach Your Kids Loans and Personal Finance Skills

When kids become teenagers they are more and more acutely aware of family finances and how money is spent. When the needs of your kids become more expensive it may be time to teach them about how personal finances and especially things like credit cards, elc loans with same day deposit, and mortgages work in a modern society. Some schools offer business classes only as an elective and aren’t required so financial lessons may have to be learned at home. Since each family’s situation is different perhaps personal finance should be taught at home anyway. Here are some relevant tips… Read more

My Frugal Journey – One Woman’s Steps to Changing Her Life

When I first started on my frugal journey, I was not sure of how much money I could save since I rented an apartment. Most of the blogs I read, websites I visited where written by home owners. I really wondered could I get my utilities bills down, my laundry bill down, and most of all could I stockpile just like some of the home owners did. I thought about it and tired some different things and so found out, yes I can do some of the same things home owners do to save money. I learned how to shop… Read more

Frugal Schmugal: Learn How To Save More Than Just Frugally Living

When tips on frugal living focus on things like only stopping at the coffee shop once a week, they don’t do much for those of us who don’t frequent coffee shops. Likewise, tips to only go to movie theaters once a month don’t help people who usually go twice a year. If you’re already avoiding frivolous spending but would still like to save more, here are some ways to do it: Make friends with your car. Drive your car long enough that you develop a close relationship with it. Have the oil changed regularly and so on, so it lasts… Read more

50 Uses for Vinegar

When you are trying to save money, a good place to start is by minimizing the household products you buy. Some products are thriftier due to their price. Some products are more frugal because they have multiple uses. White vinegar can help you stretch your dollar because it is both inexpensive and has myriad uses around the home. Following are 50 money-saving uses for vinegar. 1. See more clearly. Vinegar makes a great, streak-free glass cleaner. Wipe with old newspaper for a sparkling, buck-stretching finish. 2. Make a science experiment in your kitchen. Clean a slow draining sink by… Read more

7 Best Financial Advice for Women

As a finance professional, I believe that the best money management advice for women today is to take control of your financial future. If you are a woman, your life expectancy is longer than that of a man. Therefore, even if you have a long and happy marriage and a supportive husband, there is a reasonably good chance that, at some point, you will be on your own. Throw in the possibility of divorce or the choice to remain single, and the odds are even better that you will become responsible for your own financial security. Given this possibility, I… Read more

Christmas Credit Card Debt and How to Avoid Personal Finance Hell

The fact is the biggest danger of going into debt comes directly from shopping for Christmas presents for friends and family. It doesn’t have to be this way, you can keep your personal finance and dept in check and still get gifts for everyone on “Santa’s” list. I’m going to share with you how to keep yourself out of post-Christmas personal finance hell. I’ll be sharing my own holiday spending habits that keep credit card debt entirely out of the picture. Right now is the perfect time to at least start thinking about matching the people in your life with… Read more